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Coscradh - MMXVI Demo (Import)

Image of Coscradh - MMXVI Demo (Import)

$5.00 - On Sale

As some lament the ageing demographic of Ireland’s underground and its old guard hold aloft a seemingly unwanted mantel to virtually non-existent young blood, Coscradh let loose one of the most anticipated [Irish] releases of recent years.
Despite worries surrounding inheritance and longevity, Irish underground music is in one of its best states.

Coscradh are one of a handful of acts, a mixture of active and still brewing entities, that are set to push more and more heavy music to audiences at home and abroad. - Metal Ireland

Along with Malthusian, Vircolac, and Zom, Coscradh are one of a new generation of Irish Death Metal acts putting Dublin in the international spotlight. This is a crop of bands we strongly recommend tuning into.