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Abyss - Heretical Anatomy LP


A tenebrous Abyss of stygian grinding death metal has recently been excavated from the Canadian ice around Toronto. Hideous shapes and bloodthirsty rites of the Old Ones are viciously summoned upon the bones and bowels of the Earth through Heretical Anatomy—eight odes to nameless terrors and protean revulsion mercilessly ripped from the flayed life of the cosmos and dripping with crimson adoration.

The frenzied blasting of early American / UK death metal and grindcore, when there was no distinct separation between the two, is a hallmark of Heretical Anatomy. Yet the overwhelming speed scattered across the album is expertly applied, never descending into a one-dimensional space where velocity is the sole basis for existence. Songs are crafted with the care of the elder gods, rigorously refined with a seasoned sophistication, always maintaining a sharply primitive ferocity. - 20 Buck Spin

Gnarly, punk as fuck Toronto death metal from member of Column of Heaven, Rammer, Slaughter Strike, Purity Control, etc. Highly recommended.

150 copies on tricolor white/gray/black "Churning Horror," standard copies on "Abyssic Black."