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Antichrist Siege Machine - Morbid Triumph LP

Image of Antichrist Siege Machine - Morbid Triumph LP


"Monolith battering ram, prepare for victory!' is the battle cry sent up by the Virginia-based duo lately demolishing the east coast beneath the banner Antichrist Siege Machine. Featuring the drummer of Left Cross and the guitarist of Sacridose, Antichrist Siege Machine released one of the most violent demo tapes last year, and in three days’ time they’ll launch a second and far heavier attack in the form of Morbid Triumph, their debut MLP.

Released by Stygian Black Hand, limited to 300 copies on vinyl, and featuring the evocative and mind-shredding artwork of Yuri Kahan, Morbid Triumph is skull-sundering chaos concentrated in the form of seven tracks of grinding and blasphemous war. - Dutch Pearce (Decibel)

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