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Breaking The Will - Rushing Wires (Import)

Image of Breaking The Will - Rushing Wires (Import)


Among being one half of the harsh noise slasher duo ACTION/DISCIPLINE as well as the intimate field recorder KJOSTAD, Stefan Aune has been the figure behind the NEW FORCES label and zine for the past eight years. His ripping harsh-noise project BREAKING THE WILL has been alongside it from the get-go.

Active since 2010, BREAKING THE WILL has only recently entered the double-digit mark of a back catalog. A calculated no-nonsense approach of this nature is often missing in today's crop of noise artists. On this release the project continues to toe the line set by the preeminents of 90s/00s Japanoise: harsh static, rumble, crumble, shattered glass, piercing high-voltage feedback, rushing wires... but the cuts are less spastic than BTW's Japanese counterparts and the delivery becomes more severe when stripped of its clean nature and has the dirtiness of Americanoise applied to it.

BREAKING THE WILL is the American answer to PAIN JERK.

The project boasts splits with (North) American contemporaries such as AHLZAGAILZEHGUH, GNAWED, THE RITA and has seen releases on eminent labels like PHAGE TAPES and WHITE CENTIPEDE NOISE as well as on the relatively new imprint THOUSANDS OF DEAD GODS, not to mention the handful on NEW FORCES.

Aune knows what he is doing and it shows through the reserved execution of his projects and the aesthetic and efforts of his label. Hot off the heels of recent features in THE WIRE and SPECIAL INTERESTS magazines, and with an upcoming feature in the tell-it-as-it-is publication NOISE WIDOW, Stefan and NEW FORCES continue to make their mark and carry the torch for harsh noise in America. - Absurd Exposition

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