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Juhyo - Grave Mistake CS

Image of Juhyo - Grave Mistake CS


Double-A-side cassette release; "Grave Mistake" released by Housepig, "Buddhist Violence" released by Hear More! Limited to 100 copies, 50 copies per label, each cassette contains both tracks but slightly different appearance. - House Pig / Hear More

The world of ambience and noise and electronics overlap and merge in countless series of concentricity that I will never fully comprehend. The decidedly accessible nature of the media/medium further ensure that all but the most dedicated followers of these arts will miss something here and there...and by "something," I am referring to large swaths of sonic contributions worth of serious investigation. My point is this: Don't miss JUHYO. This Minneapolis duo has been casually and confidently cranking creating and cranking out brilliant sounds for a decade or so, and their most recent two track tape is an exercise in patience and dedication. Listen to the swell of electronics that takes up the first 5 minutes of "Grave Mistake," and then realize that this swell is, in fact, the track itself rather than an introduction to aural violence. It's a tension that is so calm that's it's difficult to put into words. And the unfortunately applicable "Buddhist Violence" on the something so peaceful can be this soul crushing is a statement on the times as much as it is an example of sound.

Presented as a double A side split release with each member's label (Housepig and Hear More) and releasing one side of the tape, and taking charge of the corresponding artwork. A brilliant way to package and disseminate a brilliant release. As is often the case: Maximum Volume Yields... - Terminal Escape