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Limbs Bin - Pure Punishment CS (Import)

Image of Limbs Bin - Pure Punishment CS (Import)


The two live recordings collected here showcase each side of the project. The A-side, recorded in February, is largely comprised of short blasts of chaos supplemented with incredible stage banter while the B-side, recorded in March, documents one long effort of THE RITA-Approved™ high-gain pleasure. Both sides were recorded direct from the board by yours truly in Montreal, QC. Video documentation of both events can be seen here.

True dedication and humble passion are not often found in this world. Landes embodies both. His wit and esteem are key elements in the LIMBS BIN effort. While I am a bit ashamed of not keeping up with this project throughout the years and thus not being able to hear its progression in real-time, I am mostly excited for what the future has in store for Josh as he makes his way into the annals of the underground as America's Second Greatest Living Noise Artist.

If you don't know, you should. - Scream/Writhe

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