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Order - Demo 2017 CS (UNDESIRABLE-016)


Order is a collective of friends and artists, largely from Southeastern Virginia. They play music that is generally loud, and informed by various takes on punk, post-punk, and hardcore through the decades. This is their first recording. We hope you enjoy it, but are undeterred if you do not. - Anthems of The Undesirable

This demo just grabs you from the opening and gets you moving around the room. Simple, driving guitar riffs and drums beats just hammering at you again and again, with strong, clear yelling of solid lines like "If there is a God, I'll spit on you in Hell." The song structure feels stripped down in a lo-fi way I love and fits with the simple, black cassette insert with just the name and the band symbol on it. I kept playing this one again and again, soaking it in. ORDER just bringsit on direct, in a manner that reminded me of SURRENDER and HEALERS a little, but with a rough throat vocal style that felt a little like PISSED JEANS. I really hope this band puts out a full length, 'cause I'm all about it. - Maximum Rock n Roll

100 copies on pro-dubbed, gold cassettes with pro-printed J-cards.

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