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Primitive Isolation Tactics - Past Spheres and Present Circles CS (IMPORT)

Image of Primitive Isolation Tactics - Past Spheres and Present Circles CS (IMPORT)


"I first became aware of Taylor Geddes through his power violence band Subsist. It’s a genre that requires a precise alchemy to render something convincing and heartfelt- an elusive target that Geddes and Subsist managed to capture perfectly, elevating the conversation in the much discussed practice to something larger- something wounded but learning, vast but personal. In the years since, I’ve come to understand Geddes’ ability to hone ideas into a fine point in an age of blunt instruments. In the debut release by his new project Primitive Isolation Tactics, something lives within the layers of stutters and groans. Thickening hums are speckled with chirps and murmurs. Washes of static so rich you can feel them in your fingertips split open into a jagged space rattling with unnamable energies. Mountains questioning the storm clouds over rocky plateaus. Spitting fissures drinking in the earth’s crust. A solitary figure crouching at the lip of the pines watching rain fall on the fields." - Josh Landes (LIMBS BIN)

Canadian customers - please purchase this release from our friends at Scream/Writhe. Thank you!